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Viveka delivers transformative coaching through advanced technology. We help leaders improve performance, engagement and increase retention across your enterprise.

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How our Coaching and
Technology Solutions Work

Choosing Viveka is a simple choice. Getting started with our coaching solutions is even easier. We use a simplified assessment and matching process to connect employees to the right coach. From there, the development journey begins, and so do meaningful business outcomes.

Our assessments evaluate employee strength and areas for growth while our coaches use the results to guide the coaching journey.

Our coaching programs are vast and can be aligned with company competencies, mission, and vision to achieve impactful and rapid results.

We match top coaches to individual’s unique needs while coaches leverage assessment results to guide the coaching journey to meaningful results.

Individuals, coaches, and HR business partners stay connected throughout the coaching journey in a powerful way.

Performance and utilization metrics are integrated so measuring growth and development to business outcomes is easier than ever.

The Human and Business
Impact of Coaching

Viveka’s approach to coaching generates meaningful result for your company, and your most prized assets, your people. Our platform helps you execute on your objectives and improve your bottom line.

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Increased in Employee Retention

"We onboarded the Viveka coach network, which is available to 700,000 employees worldwide. Working with Viveka has been seamless and effortless. Thank you!"

- CHRO, Global Conglomerate in Chemistry and Speciality Products

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