Your legacy evolves as quickly as you do. Become an employer of choice.

Become an employer of choice.
Katja Kempe CEO and Founder Viveka
Katja kempe

We help HR leaders create the Future of Work

Is your HR department prepared for 2030? Because we are.


Up-skilling and Reskilling – 54% of all employees need to enhance their skills to meet changing work requirements by the end of 2022.

Predictive people analytics – 60% of C-Suite executives say they are not using HR data to drive or support any strategic
decision-making. Get ahead of the curve.

Automation and digital transformation Free yourself and save costs with 30% more time due to HR automation and digital transformation to simplify HR processes.

Organizational flexibility and agility – Only 29% of HR leaders said they were organized for speed, adaptability, and agility without compromising performance or company values.

Bringing Human back to HR.


To Keep Your People At Work.

Improve Employee Experience with Viveka

Viveka coaches help to design a better work environment so that employees feel empowered to reach their full potential

Viveka uses coaches, ai and insight to shape better organizations and create a purposeful workplace

Cost time and effort saving

Our centralized curriculum, budget and invoice management allows your HR departments to stay control at all times.

All training in one spot.

Our convenient and flexible self-directed employee portal allows for cross-disciplinary training by certified Viveka coaches or your in-house trainers

Measured results.

V-Corp provides training progress and performance measurement tools for employers, so that results can be captured and inform further performance improvement